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The Šlavantas Landscape Reserve was established to preserve the hilly landscape with scientifically valuable surface sediment complexes deeply embedded in the valley of Šlavantas Lake. In the Šlavantas Landscape Reserve, there are lakes Šlavantas (187.3 ha), Balsys (45 ha), Giluišis (17.9 ha), Ešerinėlis (2 ha) and Kanaukai (1.2 ha), surrounded by forests Rūda, Šlavantai and Liubelis rich in berries and mushrooms, the Šlavantas hillfort with an ancient settlement, and the Čivoniai village cemetery, known as Duobelė. The area of the reserve is 810.58 ha.


Šlavantas lake


Great Šlavantas Landscape Reserve Ring

Veisiejai –Kalveliai village – Liūnelis

Lake – Area between lakes Šlavantėlis and Giluišis – Lakes Ešerinėlis and Bliūdelis – Area between lakes Balsys and Šlavantas – Šlavantai village, where you will be welcomed by a picturesque Šlavantas Landscape Reserve townscape – Gegutė village – Revelation of the Lord Church of the Virgin Mary in Šlavantai – Šlavantai Hillfort with an ancient settlement –Kanaukai village – Liubelis forest – Čivoniai village cemetery – Čivoniai village – Kalveliai village – Veisiejai. The distance is 24 km.


Minor Šlavantas Landscape Reserve Ring

Veisiejai – Kalveliai village – Liūnelis Lake – Area between lakes of Šlavantėlis and Giluišis – Ešerinėlis and Bliūdelis lakes – Kalveliai village – Veisiejai. The distance is 13 km.


Grand Route of the Veisiejai Regional Park

The route follows regional and republican roads. In Bertašiūnai village you will pass the Hill Prancūzkalnis, in Jančiuliai village – the section of the stone-paved road where Sigismund Augustus accompanied the coffin of his beloved wife Barbora Radvilaitė on foot from Warsaw to Vilnius, the Kapčiamiestis cemetery of Soviet soldiers who died in the World War II, the Divine Providence Church, the Museum of Emilija Pliaterytė, the old cemetery of Kapčiamiestis, where this famous heroine is buried, and Dainaviškiai ancient burial ground.

Veisiejai – Kailiniai – Area between lakes Snaigynas and Trikojis – Bertašiūnai village – Hill Prancūzkalnis – Dvarciškė village – Vilkinis Lake – Viktarinas, Juškoniai village – road “Brukakelis” – Valentai village – lakes Mekšrutas and Gudinis – Kapčiamiestis – Padumbliai, Semoškiai villages – Bedugnis lake – Dainaviškiai ancient burial ground and Dainaviškiai village – Veisiejai. The distance is 34 km.



The Ančia Landscape Reserve was established to preserve the deep lakebed stretching to the north-south of Ančia Lake, which is typical of southern Lithuania, as well as the meadows on its northern part with plenty various species of marsh orchids. The ancient defensive fortification of Vainežeris “Okopka”, fragments of the former Vainežeris Manor house with a park with a dendrological value, the ancient settlement of Mėčiūnai, the Dainaviškės ancient burial ground, as well as reference pine stands with particularly rich resources of berry plants and mushrooms, bird diversity typical of Dzūkija forests, the rich backwaters of Ančia Lake, peninsulas suitable for various species of water birds and mammal populations. The area of the reserve is 1275.53 ha. The Ančia Landscape Reserve unites 2 lakes: Ančia (490.8 ha) and Vainežeris (6.1 ha) surrounded by the forests of Šilainė, Ilgininkai and Gudiškė.

Ančia lake


Great Ančia Landscape Reserve Lake

Veisiejai – Šilainė village – Murgeliai village – Ilgininkai forest – Jezdas – Semoškai village – Mėčiūnai village – ancient settlement of Mėčiūnai – Vainežeris village – fragments of the former Vainežeris Manor, Vainežeris Manor Park – the defensive fortification of Vainežeris

“Okopka” – Dainaviškės Ancient Burial Ground and Dainaviškės village – Veisiejai. The distance is 28 km.


Minor Ančia Landscape Reserve Ring

Veisiejai – eastern shore of Ančia Lake – Šilainė forest – Jezdas village – Ilgininkai forest - Murgeliai – Old cemetery of Barčiai village – Šilainė village – location of the Šilainė manor house and avenue of lime trees– Veisiejai. The distance is 22 km.


Route “Between the lakes of Veisiejai and Kapčiamiestis”

Veisiejai – Barčiai village – Ilgininkai village – Area between the lakes Ilgis and Dumblelis – Juškoniai village – Valentai village with the habitat of tree frogs – Area between the lakes Dumblelis and Dumblinis–Dumbliauskai village  –  Ilgininkai forest  –  Jezdas village  –  Šilainė forest  –  Veisiejai.

The distance is 30 km.

Last updated: 10-09-2022