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Places of rest and accommodation

Rest area is an area for short-term, non-overnight rest near educational trails, in areas of recreational functional priority and in other areas.

Recreation area is an area for temporary non-overnight stays, which may include small scenic structures, campfire sites, and car parking.

Camp site is an area for overnight stay and rest, where a camping service may be provided. It may include small scenic architectural structures, car parking, food preparation equipment, campfire sites, facilities for hygiene, waste collection and the organization of recreation.


There are 4 official, supervised campsites in the park territory, where visitors are welcome to stay:

1.At Ančia Lake No. 1

2.At Ančia Lake No. 2

3.At Ančia Lake No. 3 

4.At Šlavantai Lake 


There are many rest and recreation areas in the territory of the Veisiejai Regional Park, some of them are privately owned. A list of them with coordinates is provided below:

1.Recreation area “Galė” at the Ančia Lake

2.Rest area at the Snaigynas Lake Observation Tower

3.Rest area – observation area at Šlavantai Lake

4.Rest area between Gilušis and Šlavantėlis Lakes

5.Rest/ Recreation area – Zamenhof beach

6.There are several rest/ recreation areas in the Vainežeris Manor Park

7.Recreation area at the defensive fortifications “Okopka” 

8.Recreation area in the Ilgininkai forest 


You can find rest/recreation areas along the trails and routes of the Veisiejai Regional Park, which are marked with the appropriate information infrastructure, and may include viewing platforms with information boards, benches, gazebos, piers, etc. These areas only allow short-term rest without recreation activities, i.e. it is forbidden to build campfires (unless there is an official campfire site), litter, make noise, spend the night, park vehicles within 25 m of the lake and violate other rules of the Veisiejai Regional Park.

Overnight stays in tents are only allowed at official campsites and campers/caravans can only be parked at the campsite at the Snaigynas Lake:

1.Rest area “Saulėtekis”, 54°05'37.1"N 23°43'38.9"E.





Last updated: 10-09-2022