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VI – 9.00 – 18.00 

Tours, hikes and educational activities need to be booked in advance by tel. 8 318 56234 or e-mail veisieju.rp.lc@saugoma.lt



Visitor Centre of Veisiejai Regional Park, Santarvės g. 9, 67340 Veisiejai, Lazdijai district
Tel. 8 318 56234

The Visitor Centre of the Veisiejai Regional Park is located 20 km from Lazdijai town and can be reached by national road No. 134 by driving from Lazdijai towards Kukliai and passing Gudeliai and Kalveliai villages. The Visitor Centre of the Veisiejai Regional Park can be found in the centre of Veisiejai, behind the Veisiejai Eldership Municipality building, next to the Veisiejai Manor Park. The Visitor Centre is located 28 km away from Druskininkai and can be reached by national road No. 180 by driving from Druskininkai towards Leipalingis, and then from Leipalingis towards Šadžiūnai village (national roads No. 133-134). Then, driving from Šadžiūnai village, you will reach Veisiejai.

The Visitor Centre is located in the surviving right wing of the Veisiejai Manor House. This building was erected in the mid-18th c. and has recently been resurrected for a new life under the “Protected Areas Management” project, funded by the EU Structural Funds and the state budget.

The Visitor Centre’s exhibition “Life Between the Waters” opened in the spring of 2015. The title and theme of the exhibition were inspired by plentiful strings of lakes and lakelets, streams and other bodies of water in the Veisiejai area. There are 37 lakes alone in the territory of the Veisiejai Regional Park.Since the olden times, Dzūkija has been famous for its hospitable people and the works of folk artists and craftsmen, so the woven band motif will accompany a visitor from the very start of the exhibition. Alongside the elements that reveal the cultural uniqueness of the region, an exceptional natural heritage asset can be found as well: the symbol of the Veisiejai Regional Park, the European tree frog.In the exhibition spaces, the general information about the Regional Park, the hilly Šlavantai region, the Ančia lake scenery, the lake scenery of the districts of Kapčiamiestis and Veisiejai are presented alongside other historical, natural, cultural and tourist information. Here you will learn what routes are available for hiking, cycling, driving, horse riding or canoeing.

In addition, the cellars of the Veisiejai Manor have been adapted for visiting as well, visitors are charmed by their authentic late Baroque vaults and regularly updated artists’ exhibitions in the temporary exhibition hall.

Last updated: 10-09-2022